Kleenex Moist Cloths Hand And Face

Kleenex Moist Cloths Hand And Face

Kleenex B0009F3SMS

Containins 40 moist, alcohol-free cloths Premium cloth handles sticky messes while being soft enough for hands and the face The next best thing to washcloth clean Mild moisture formula is 100% alcohol-free Exterior box comes in several neutral colors
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Kleenex Moist Cloths Hand And Face

Brand Kleenex
Model B0009F3SMS
Type Health Personal Care
Package Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3.8 inches, 0.65 pounds
8.5 x 8.25 in. The Next Best Thing to Washcloth Clean! Kleenex brand brings you a fresh, thick, soft moist cloth perfect every time you can clean up sticky hands and faces. And, the decorator package gives you leave-it-out convenience - always within reach! Made in USA from domestic and imported material.

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