Kolorliner HFT

Kolorliner HFT
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Kolorliner HFT

Model AD3512
Type Home Lighting And Lamps
Package Dimensions 37 × 24 × 24 inches
KOLORLINER HFT offers many advantages, including the ability to easily and quickly install to an existing unit or installation, and this add on ability can be made even easier by the use of the wireless DMX systemof this unit. It gives the opportunity to create color change from a normal white light fitting and can be fitted to many units which use 1000 watt, 1800 watt or 2000 watt metal halide lamps. Its IP65 weather protection means that the KOLORLINER is particularly suitable for use in exterior lighting applications. KOLORLINER has an internal color controller for standalone operation, or can be controlled from any DMX512 control system. The color mixing system with cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters creates virtually unlimited color hues, coupled with smooth blends between color changes. The electronic adjustment of a frosted filter is also available. STANDARDS: Aluminum and steel body, scratch resistant textured polyester finish, which protects against UV deterioration and general corrosion. Front tempered shock resistant glass. Certified IP65 weather protection. Electrical class: I. Product in compliance with CEI EN 60598-1 and CEI EN 60598-2-17. White light projector's maximum reflector size: 380 mm. COLOR CHANGER SYSTEM AND EFFECTS: CYM Color changer system operated by high precision stepper motors, whereby the mixing of cyan yellow and magenta dichroic filters can create virtually any desired color. An additional frost filter is included for a much more diffused output and a smooth color changing mix. CONTROL AND OPERATION: Internal controller with a choice of eight pre-programmed color change sequences plus additional demo show, any of which can be easily selected from the on board LED display and push button setting. Master/slave option for multi unit synchronization. The dedicatedIP65 CYM controller gives full remote programmed control, or any DMX 512 controller can be linked four channels of DMX per projector.

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