Bed, Low Full Electric, Medlite

Bed, Low Full Electric, Medlite

Medline MSO-MDR107003LO




47.2 x 37.2 x 19 inches

Item: medlite beds This product is manufactured by Medline The MPN of this product is mdr107003lo
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Bed, Low Full Electric, Medlite

Brand Medline
Model MSO-MDR107003LO
Color Brown
Size 47.2 x 37.2 x 19 inches
Type Professional Healthcare
Item Dimensions 47.25 × 37.25 × 19 inches, 189 pounds
Package Dimensions 48 × 41 × 20 inches, 190 pounds
Medlite beds feature premium linakù motors that provide smooth reliable operation. Recessed headspring supports and foot assembly reduce the chance of pinching and injuries. Lightweight beds make transporting easier strong beds have an extra steel plate welded to the middle of the frame, painted frames with enamel finish and clear coat for a chip and scratch-resistant finish, plastic wood grain end panels and heavy-duty remotes that resist breakage and moisture. Easy to use and clean full-electric, semi-electric and full-electric low beds are available.

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