Tommy Hilfiger Men's Sport Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Sport Watch

Tommy Hilfiger 1790821

Quartz White Dial Date Display Stainless-steel Case Rubber Strap
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Tommy Hilfiger Men's Sport Watch

Brand Tommy Hilfiger
Model 1790821
Type Watch
Department mens
Item Dimensions 5.31 × 5.12 × 5.31 inches
Package Dimensions 4 × 2.9 × 2.5 inches, 0.2 pounds
Tommy Hilfiger Watches are something more than knowing what the time is. The watches have become a symbol of elegance and having sophisticated branded watch is just a must for every decent man or lady. Their clean and simple design is fascinating in every product they make and be sure that your Tommy Hilfiger Watches is of the highest quality, incorporating a clean design. The design of the watch is supervised by a company named Movado which is a famous Swiss Watch company established in 1881 and they have a reputation for making quality mechanisms for watches.
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