1 X Cruzer Facet - USB-Flash-Laufwerk - 16 GB

1 X Cruzer Facet - USB-Flash-Laufwerk - 16 GB

SanDisk SDCZ55-016G-B35GE

Faceted, textured design with stainless steel casing Compact profile fits in your pocket or complements your purse Encrypted password protection with SanDisk SecureAccess Software Stylish and Durable Design
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1 X Cruzer Facet - USB-Flash-Laufwerk - 16 GB

Brand SanDisk
Model SDCZ55-016G-B35GE
Type Flash Memory
Item Dimensions 1.77 × 0.47 × 0.18 inches, 0.02 pounds
Package Dimensions 5.7 × 3.7 × 0.2 inches, 0.02 pounds
Combining fashion and function, the Cruzer Facet USB Flash Drive lets you stylishly take your most important data wherever you go. This drive features a unique, faceted design and vibrant finish, making it an ideal accessory for style-driven data users. It offers ample space for photo albums, office documents, and personal files.
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