Mosquito Heights

Mosquito Heights
Written by:

Greg Liles


Kindle Edition, Kindle eBook, 277 pages


Greg Liles, 2013

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Mosquito Heights

Author Greg Liles
Publisher Greg Liles, 4/10/2013, 1 edition
Format Kindle Edition, Kindle eBook, 277 pages
“Mosquito Heights” is the true story of my childhood while growing up in the small central Illinois city of Marquette Heights. How my love for adventure and exploration was put to the test nearly every day in this small village surrounded by trees, streams, and wildlife, and how the friendships I developed along the way have been life-enduring.

But it’s much more than a story about my childhood; it’s a trip down memory lane for anyone who reads it. And if you find your childhood was similar to mine, and catch yourself laughing at the stupid things I did, remembering something that you did, then more power to you, because I loved every minute of mine.

Me and my two best buddies built forts, camped out, and played in places we called Sand Hill, Red Devil’s Canyon, and The Desert. We spent nearly as much time in the branches of the trees than we did on the ground, enjoying all the daredevil feats we could evoke. And we did a lot of things we weren’t supposed to, but we bonded, survived, became blood-brothers for life, and the knowledge we gained while growing up enabled us to become men proud of our heritage.

If you grew up here, follow me through my grade school years, during my times of family discord, and pubescent confusion, through the wooded adventure-lands of Marquette Heights, to the unforgiving playgrounds of the local schoolyard and see if you don’t say, “I remember that,” at least a dozen times.

Even if you’ve never been to Marquette Heights I’m sure you’ll find this book humorous, heart warming, and fun to read, as you learn about all the crazy things me and my friends got involved in and how people never seemed to care. Things were different then and so were the people. We didn’t lock our doors and people didn’t erect fences just to mark their boundaries and keep you off their property. We respected each other more then and seldom did anything that would affect that premise.

Let me take you back to your childhood, wherever that may have been, and see if you can connect with those who lived in Marquette Heights. I think you will.

We all have a hometown of which we have fond memories. This is the story about mine.

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