Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner


Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner
Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner, photo 1 Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner, photo 2 Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner, photo 3 Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner, photo 4 Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner, photo 5

Shark ZZ500



Shark Sonic Cleaning Technology - 1000 scrubs per minute, perfect for Hardwood, Tile, Vinyl and Stone 7 to 1 Concentrated Non-Toxic Gentle Cleaning Solutions - safe for family and pets Microfiber Washable Pads for Cleaning, Scrubbing, and Polishing AirGlide Maneuverability & 180 Degree Swivel Steering Hard Floor Cleaner & Polish PLUS pads
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Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner

Brand Shark
Model ZZ500
Color Brown
Type Home
Item Dimensions 12.4 × 12.6 × 29.53 inches
Package Dimensions 28.9 × 12.3 × 11.9 inches, 13.85 pounds
Warranty Euro-Pro Two Year (2) Limited Warranty
Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ500)

The Shark Sonic Duo promises a safe and superior clean in ½ the time with less effort. It is a quick, powerful, fun, and EASY way to remove the stuck on dirt from all of your hard floor surfaces. The washable pads and concentrated non-toxic cleaning solutions add value – each bottle of concentrated solution is equal to 7 bottles of diluted ready-to-use solution!

Concentrated Wood & Hard Floor Cleaner

7:1 hard floor cleaner concentrate makes 7 bottles of ready-to-use diluted solution. Non-Streak formula never leaves behind a dulling residue.

Wood & Hard Floor Polish

Ready-to-use hard floor polish leaves a high gloss shine. Use to rescue older floors and fill in micro-scratches for a high gloss finish.

Dual Scrubbing Action

1,000 Scrubs per minute. Sonic Scrubbing Technology removes stuck on dirt quickly and easily.

Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner – (ZZ500)
  • Model- ZZ500
  • Surface Cleaning Types- Safe on all Sealed Floors
  • Swivel Steering- Yes
  • Airglide Maneuverability- Yes
  • Cord Length- 25 ft.
  • Product Weight- 9 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 46.5 x 9.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Warranty- 2 Years
What's in the box?

2 Hard Floor Cleaning Pads, 8oz Wood & Hard Floor Cleaner, 1 Hard Floor Polishing Pad, 16oz Wood & Hard Floor Polish, Scrubduster Tool, Scrubduster Scrubbing Pad, Scrubduster Dusting Pad, Storage Tray, 1 Refillable Bottle

Shark Sonic Duo FamilyZZ550 Carpet and Hard Floor CleanerZZ500 Hard Floor Cleaner
Concentrated Carpet Cleaner
Concentrated Wood and Hard Floor Cleaner
Wood & Hard Floor Polish
Activating Pretreater - Carpet Stain and Odor Remover
Dual Scrubbing Action
Airglide Maneuverability
Two Scrub Settings
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